Tuesday, July 31 : : : Episode 93Mikey Ilagan

…on shifting the perspective of how things work.

Mikey Ilagan is an Accessibility Specialist at Think Company, working full-time as part of the Comcast Accessibility Team. He's spent the past decade building digital experiences using a lifetime of passion for technology. He joins Ryan in the Indy Hall Studios for a conversation about what fascinates him about the way people interact with the internet, the misconceptions about accessibility and who’s doing it well. Plus, Ryan and Mikey do a deep dive on his Twitter feed.

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July 29Kevin Jackson

This month we're catching up with Kevin Jackson in the Indy Hall Studios about bike riding, NES games, his most watchable movie and the origins of "Chuise." Plus, I hit him with the hard questions like, "How old are your kids?"

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July 3Dave Sloboda

Dave Sloboda is one of the first production artists I've ever worked with as well as the first we've ever had on the show! We catch up with Dave on how he became a production artist, reminisce about the bygone days of Quark Xpress…

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June 28That all-important "second look."

2018 has been a great year for music, in my humble opinion. There have been some great entries from artists who consistently deliver, (First Aid Kit, the Decemberists, Father John Misty, Childish Gambino)…

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Tuesday, July 17 : : : Episode 92André W.Y.Z.E. Davis

…on the importance of being humble.

André W.Y.Z.E. Davis is the mind behind Humble Genius, helping people with “save the world” mentalities broadcast their message and build a community around it. He joins the show for a chat about becoming a published poet at the age of 12, his love for translating people’s passion into their brand and a fateful trip to California.

Episode 91Christine Sheller

Christine and Ryan talk about the misconceptions of in-house departments, how we can give back through design and the importance of yoga in her life.

Episode 90Dustin Kemper

Dustin Kemper joins the show for a conversation on his days working in the restaurant industry, how cooking parallels design and horror movies.

Episode 89Martha Rich

Martha Rich joins the show for a chat about the trajectory of her career, how art classes kept her sane and the importance of getting involved.