Tuesday, September 27 : : : Episode 40Mario Zucca

Mario is a talented illustrator that puts Philadelphia on the map. No, really.

He grew up on a healthy diet of Marvel comics and R. Crumb. After attending Tyler he grew his clientele through direct mail, building a client-base of editorial work that eventually lead to a year-in-review assignment for Beutler Ink. For this piece he poured his meticulous attention to detail into every square inch of the job, resulting in a fun, Easter-egg-filled tableau. It was this piece that convinced him to pursue an idea of illustrating a map of Philadelphia. Infusing the same insane level of detail with his signature style and touches of humor, he created an epic illustration. From there, he has also created pieces dedicated to Pittsburgh and Portland, two cities that he has called home, and his work on the maps has now begun to influence the editorial pieces he creates. Ryan and Mario sit down for a discussion on struggling with concept, creating portraits of strangers and delving into the discography of T-Rex. Visit his website, follow Mario on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Behance. This episode is sponsored by Tandem 2016, October 1-2 at Philadelphia University.

Tuesday, September 20 : : : Episode 39Alex Zahradnik,
AIGA Philadelphia 35th Anniversary

On a special bonus episode of the show Ryan sits down with Alex Zahradnik, Design for Good and Legacy Co-Chair of AIGA Philadelphia to talk about the AIGA Philadelphia 35th Anniversary.

AIGA Philadelphia was the first local chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and you are invited to join chapter leaders and members to share stories and highlights from AIGA Philadelphia’s 35 years. You’ll also receive a 35 x 35 commemorative poster for attending as well as have your portrait taken by Philly Egotist photographer Mark Likosky. With all this to celebrate, it only made sense to have Alex on the show to discuss AIGA Philadelphia’s rich history as well as Alex’s own passion of activism and how he incorporates design into the subjects that he champions. Visit Alex's website and check out the Design Activist Institute.

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Tuesday, September 13 : : : Episode 38Riley Cran,
Lost Type Co-op Field Trip

On this week’s episode we’re sitting down with Riley Cran to talk about the Lost Type Co-op field trip to Philadelphia.

Field trips have become a semi-annual thing for Lost Type contributors, and as Riley has described these outings, they are “one part team bonding, one part sourcing inspiration.” Organized by our very own Dan Gneiding, who sits in as co-host on this episode, events with the Lost Type crew include a Drink 'n' Draw on September 14 starting at 5:30 pm at Frankford Hall, where you can hang with Lost Type contributors and casually work on your own lettering. Then, on September 15 there will be a Lost Type Lecture at Philadelphia University at 7 pm. Finally, there is an art show on September 17 at 7 pm at Masthead Print Studio. In anticipation of all this Lost Type goodness, sit down and listen to a chat with Lost Type co-founder Riley Cran about how his role with Lost Type has evolved, the differences between doing typefaces for yourself vs. for a client and Dan and Riley’s first disastrous phone call. This episode is sponsored by Old City Coffee, and AIGA Philadelphia’s 35th Anniversary Party.

26-Day Lettering Project

Episode 37James Viola

James Viola has dedicated himself to logo design as a craft, and just one look across his social media platforms you’ll see it’s a craft he’s excelling at. He is cultivating a reputation as a freelancer that is wholly invested in his client’s brand. Visit his website and follow James on Twitter, Instagram and Dribbble.

Imposter Syndrome

Episode 36Amanda Clark & Briana Morgan

You're a fraud and we all know it. Amanda Clark and Briana Morgan join Ryan in the Submarine for a discussion on Imposter Syndrome, an inability in high achieving individuals to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “Fraud.” Find out if you're guilty of thinking like an imposter.

TCM TV Everywhere

Episode 35Elijah Vargas

As Elijah starts a new chapter as an Associate Creative Director for T & P.UX at Comcast he swings by for a chat about having grit, the importance of asking questions and what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers color palette has in common with Calvin Klein underwear. Follow Elijah on Twitter and visit his website.