Tuesday, February 27 : : : Episode 81Ali Doucette

...on having all the pieces to the puzzle.

Ali Doucette is a talented designer and photographer. The winner of the 2017 AIGA Philadelphia Fresh Award, Ali sits down for a conversation about what mentorship means to her, getting your fingers dirty and why she’ll never give up on print.

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March 1Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez returns to the show for this special bonus episode. Chris catches us up on becoming a father and then we dive right into movie goodness, including our thoughts on Black Panther, how terrible Justice League was and what was the best…

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January 30Matt Goold

Matt Goold sits down for a bonus episode with Ryan where they discuss their favorite songs of 2017 as well as how bands are like brands, the best songs to be born to and how Ryan's love of Hamilton messed up his Spotify stats…

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January 22January Update

Happy 2018! As I sit and write this update, this may be the first day that comes close to normalcy since the new year. Between holidays, school closings and burst pipes it seems that this new year still hasn't officially started yet, but now I'm finally getting…

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Tuesday, February 13 : : : Episode 80Philly Row

...on the buildings that define our city.

Abby Guido, Bryan Satalino and Clifton Fordham started Philly Row as both a love letter to and an exploration of the row houses that have helped shape Philadelphia. They stop by the studio to discuss the poster series as well as their ideas for the future of the project and why teamwork makes it possible.

Episode 79Mikey Burton

Designy illustrator Mikey Burton joins the show for a conversation about having a personal style, the pace of design in social media and using drawing to inspire weight loss.

Episode 78Chris Cashdollar

Chris joins the show to discuss being prepared to go freelance, creating a dialogue between branding and digital, keeping your design skills sharp and “Voltroning” projects.

Episode 77Johnny Bilotta

Johnny Bilotta returns to the show for a bonus episode this week to talk about his motorsport-inspired poster series as well as his passion for racing and keeping his design skills fresh.