Tuesday, July 3 : : : Episode 91Christine Sheller

…on finding inner peace.

Christine Sheller is the Vice President of Design at FS Investments, as well as the president of AIGA Philadelphia. She has over 20 years of experience managing in-house brands and brings her unique perspective to today’s episode for a conversation about the misconceptions of in-house departments, how we can give back through design and the importance of yoga in her life.

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July 3Dave Sloboda

Dave Sloboda is one of the first production artists I've ever worked with as well as the first we've ever had on the show! We catch up with Dave on how he became a production artist, reminisce about the bygone days of Quark Xpress…

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June 28That all-important "second look."

2018 has been a great year for music, in my humble opinion. There have been some great entries from artists who consistently deliver, (First Aid Kit, the Decemberists, Father John Misty, Childish Gambino)…

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June 4Kathy Mueller

Kathy Mueller joins us for a bonus episode and talks about her creation for the Design From Memory show as well as the emotional stages of a project, Isle of Dogs, the Eagles Super Bowl win and what her graphic design super power would be…

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Tuesday, June 19 : : : Episode 90Dustin Kemper

...on the ingredients for a life in design.

Dustin Kemper is a product designer whose recent work has been focused on user experience, empathy, product strategy and information architecture. He joins the show for a conversation on his days working in the restaurant industry in Philly, how cooking parallels design and horror movies.

Episode 89Martha Rich

Martha Rich joins the show for a chat about the trajectory of her career, how art classes kept her sane and the importance of getting involved.

Episode 88Courtney Abud

Courtney joins the show to talk about her new podcast Here's What I've Heard as well as improvising during an interview, and serial killers.

Episode 87Design From Memory

Recorded live on location at the Design from Memory art show opening night at Masthead Print Studio on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.