Tuesday, August 30 : : : Episode 37James Viola

On this week’s episode we’ve got some Damn Good Branding.

James Viola has dedicated himself to logo design as a craft, and just one look across his social media platforms you’ll see it’s a craft he’s excelling at. He has been growing his freelance career under the moniker of Damn Good! Brand, cultivating a reputation as a freelancer that is wholly invested in his client’s brand. Recently he decided he wanted to move faster with his logo iterations and it was that determination that led him to take on a 26-day letter challenge where he went through the alphabet creating different typefaces for each letter, honing both his technical and creative proficiency. James sits down with Ryan to talk about the distractions of daily life, the existential crisis that made him question whether he wanted to continue doing design and how he came back from it. Visit his website and follow James on Twitter, Instagram and Dribbble. This episode is sponsored by Old City Coffee, Mighty Bread Co. and PHLDesign.co.

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Tuesday, August 16 : : : Episode 36Amanda Clark & Briana Morgan

You’re a fraud and we all know it.

Ryan sits down with Amanda Clark and Briana Morgan to talk about Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome refers to high achieving individuals marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “Fraud.” Amanda and Briana, creatives in both the tech and design communities, struck up a friendship while attending several tech events, (over spreadsheets and burgers) and decided to combine their passions on this subject and speak on it at PANMA (The Philadelphia Area New Media Association) and DjangoCon. Both events were heavily attended and well-received, and they join Ryan for a discussion on the Dunning-Kruger Effect, why “fake it ‘til you make it” is not a good philosophy, and the futility of oil pulling. Plus, Ryan talks with Paul Trani, Senior Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe, about the upcoming Adobe Creative Jam on August 25. Follow Amanda Clark on Twitter and visit her website. Follow Briana Morgan on Twitter and visit her website. This episode is sponsored by Old City Coffee, Mighty Bread Co. and PHLDesign.co.

TCM TV Everywhere

Episode 35Elijah Vargas

As Elijah starts a new chapter as an Associate Creative Director for T & P.UX at Comcast he swings by for a chat about having grit, the importance of asking questions and what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers color palette has in common with Calvin Klein underwear. Follow Elijah on Twitter and visit his website.

The Rail Park

Episode 34Mike Smith

Mike works on visually-striking and thought-provoking branding and identity design, and he recounts some of his favorite projects as well as creating street art & avoiding the pitfalls of “us vs. them” with your clients. Visit Smith-Diction.com and follow Mike on Twitter and on Instagram.

Mark Amadio

Episode 33Mark Amadio

A self-described “tinkerer," Mark Amadio became interested in the web in college and his interest in design and strategy has evolved into the UX landscape of today. But Mark doesn’t see himself building experiences anymore, but rather building up the people that create experiences. Follow Mark on Twitter.