Tuesday, March 14 : : : Episode 52Tim Gough

...on catching that subconscious doodle.

Tim has a multifaceted career that has included publication design, freelance editorial illustration and his current position as Group Design Director at 160over90, not to mention his Daily Doodle series on Instagram. Tim joins the podcast for a talk about the influence screen printing has on his work, control vs. nuance and seeing your work on a tire cover.

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Episode 51Geoff DiMasi

Geoff joins the show for a discussion on making decisions based on a value system, why he walked away from teaching and the importance of being around “the community of the willing.”

Episode 50Kenny Kim

Kenny Kim, an Associate Creative Director at Brownstein Group, joins the show for an expansive talk about being a late bloomer, having the ability to say no to work and the art of self-deprecation.

Episode 49Hilary Sedgwick

An ACD at Allen & Gerritsen as well as the mastermind behind Hiphopillies, Hilary discusses being a hybrid designer, striking work/life balance and always wanting to be challenged.