Tuesday, April 10 : : : Episode 84Melissa Morris Ivone

...on turning ideas into reality.

Melissa Morris Ivone is the Director of Marketing at Curalate as well as a inspiring designer with experience across multiple disciplines. She joins the show for a conversation about how an introvert becomes a public speaker, the biggest risks she’s taken in her career, the women who are her biggest inspirations and doing an embroidered self-portrait. Plus, Melissa and Ryan recount some tales that aren’t for emetophobes.

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April 3Tony Nguyen

On the newest bonus episode we catch up with PHL Design founder Tony Nguyen about his new job, his recent weight-loss, what gaming means to him and how he's making sure the people doing good work know it…

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March 23March Update

Hey folks, hope you had fun digging out of these first few days of spring. I'd be lying if I said I was completely bummed out about the snow, considering I finally pulled the trigger on buying a snow blower last fall and have been enjoying my status as hero of…

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March 1Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez returns to the show for this special bonus episode. Chris catches us up on becoming a father and then we dive right into movie goodness, including our thoughts on Black Panther, how terrible Justice League was and what was the best…

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Tuesday, March 27 : : : Episode 83Steve Belkowitz

...on being a collaborator behind the lens.

For almost thirty years Steve Belkowitz has photographed subjects from professional athletes to senior citizens with a touching honesty, winning awards from One Show, New York Art Directors’ Club, and the Addys and being featured in Communication Arts and How Magazine. Steve joins the show for a chat about being persistent in your career, Man Ray and making snow in Colorado.

Episode 82Corey Danks

Corey and Ryan sit down for a conversation about early lessons on hustling right out of school, being part of an online community and the moment he finally started to feel like an illustrator.

Episode 81Ali Doucette

Ali Doucette, winner of the 2017 AIGA Philadelphia Fresh Award, sits down for a conversation about what mentorship means to her, getting your fingers dirty and why she’ll never give up on print.

Episode 80Philly Row

Abby Guido, Bryan Satalino and Clifton Fordham started the Philly Row poster series as both a love letter to and an exploration of the row houses that have helped shape Philadelphia.