Tuesday, June 5 : : : Episode 89Martha Rich

...on the art in conversations on buses.

Martha Rich is both a commercial and fine artist, drawing, painting and using words while being absurd and funny at the same time. Her commercial work has been used in music videos, advertising, magazines, book covers and more and her paintings are in galleries across the country as well as internationally. Martha joins the show for a chat about the trajectory of her career, how art classes kept her sane and the importance of getting involved.

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June 4Kathy Mueller

Kathy Mueller joins us for a bonus episode and talks about her creation for the Design From Memory show as well as the emotional stages of a project, Isle of Dogs, the Eagles Super Bowl win and what her graphic design super power would be…

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May 24May Update

We're in the thick of our home renovations over here at Casa de Starr and while the house more than resembles the wreckage of Hoth base at the moment, (my creative director literally just said, "Do you have to make everything about Star Wars?")…

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May 1Patrick Macomber

Patrick is making a comeback on this month's bonus episode of the show, joining me in the Indy Hall Studios to chat about social media, becoming a fan of something after initially hating it (or vice versa), our mutual love of John Carpenter movies…

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Tuesday, May 22 : : : Episode 88Courtney Abud

...on uncovering the past.

Courtney Abud is a passionate copywriter with a love of the dramatic as well as a hunger to pursue the truth. Her new podcast, Here's What I've Heard, chronicles her research and discovery into the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her grandparents and infant aunt as well as orphaning her young father and uncle. She joins the show to talk about broaching the subject with her father on the record, improvising during an interview and serial killers.

Episode 87Design From Memory

Recorded live on location at the Design from Memory art show opening night at Masthead Print Studio on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.

Episode 86Nate Harris

Nate Harris joins the show for a chat about creating challenges that need to be solved, getting off the computer and doing a deep dive on Schwarzenegger movies.

Episode 85Shawn Hileman &
Sam Heimer

Collaborating as Masthead Phantom Hand, Shawn and Sam join the show to talk about hating your day job, putting together a show about exes and their favorite toys.