Tuesday, September 25 : : : Episode 97Jay Roeder

…on embracing imperfection.

Jay Roeder is a freelance illustrator and designer with a focus on hand lettering. His work has been featured by Nike, TV Land, Gap and Monster.com, as well as various magazines, newspapers and books, including his own: “100 Days of Hand Lettering, A Complete Creative Lettering Course." Jay joins the show for a conversation about how he promoted his work before Instagram, where he gets his inspiration for the phrases he hand-letters and being a Minnesota fan at the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia.

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October 2Sam Heimer

It's our Halloween episode with illustrator and horror-enthusiast Sam Heimer! We talk pumpkin beers, head wounds, Hitchcock movies, the movie Sam has to watch every Halloween, why Alien 3 is an underrated movie and the current state…

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September 4Mario Zucca

We're back this month with friend of the show Mario Zucca discussing his new illustration series, how he's secretly a sports fan and the upcoming PhilaMrkt. Plus, Mario plays a spirited round of "You Mean You've Never..." and Ryan gives…

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July 29Kevin Jackson

This month we're catching up with Kevin Jackson in the Indy Hall Studios about bike riding, NES games, his most watchable movie and the origins of "Chuise." Plus, I hit him with the hard questions like, "How old are your kids?"

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Tuesday, September 11 : : : Episode 96Margo Hurst

…on reflecting your life through your work.

Illustrator and designer Margo Hurst describes her hours as “9 to 5 and 6 to 10,” working in-house at Design Science by day and creating posters and art by night. Her work is a visual diary, reflecting her life with an honest, distinctive style. She joins the podcast for a conversation about letting go of perfection, the challenge of drawing hands and finding the pinkest pink.

Episode 95Emily Cohen

Emily talks about growing up in a bookstore, why it’s important to be a specialist and what opportunities and pervasive evils are plaguing the design community.

Episode 94Sean Martorana

Sean discusses creating experiences people can connect to, the rules for collaboration (spoiler: there are none) and paying artists what they’re worth.

Episode 93Mikey Ilagan

Mikey tells us what fascinates him about the way people interact with the internet, the misconceptions about accessibility and who’s doing it well.