Tuesday, January 9 : : : Episode 77Johnny Bilotta

...on the artistry in motorsports.

Johnny Bilotta returns to the show for a bonus episode this week to talk about his motorsport-inspired poster series as well as his passion for racing, how the series has evolved from his initial concept and keeping his design skills fresh.

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January 2Bonus Content:
Rodney Ibarra

Picking up where they left off on this week’s Hi-Res episode, Rodney and Ryan talk about more of his design work as well as his favorite music of 2017, songs that he can’t get out of his head, and the advice he’d…

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December 18Star Wars:
The Last Jedi

Spoilers abound on this special episode of Hi-Res, where Ryan sits down with friends of the show Dan Gneiding and Melissa McFeeters to discuss Star Wars – The Last Jedi. The gang catches up on their Star…

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December 1Early Access:
Alina Wheeler

Patreon subscribers get early access to my chat with Alina Wheeler, where we talk about the new edition of her book, having trust in the branding process and what the spoken word means for…

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Tuesday, January 2 : : : Episode 76Rodney Ibarra

...on designing out of necessity.

Rodney Ibarra is an Associate Art Director with One Trick Pony as well as a talented calligraphic artist and the frontman for the band Surefire Broadcast, an indie rock trio from South Jersey. After Ryan geeks out on Rodney, he sticks around to talk about his origins in graffiti art, the importance of knowing letterforms and what inspires him to experiment.

Episode 75Alina Wheeler

Legendary brand consultant Alina Wheeler talks about her fascination with how people express who they are, what the spoken word means for branding in the near future and color coding your soul.

Episode 74Scotty Reifsnyder

Illustrator Scotty Reifsnyder talks about his passion project Hotel Detective, as well as the ethics of doing freelance while employed, '80's movies and how his students excite him about his own work.

Episode 73Monica O

Art director and illustrator Monica O embraces the freelance lifestyle and chats about the importance of not burning bridges, growing up with your fellow designers and doing your own tattoos.