Tuesday, October 25 : : : Episode 42Mary Kate McDevitt

"There's no trick to it, it's just a simple trick!"

There’s certainly no trick to understanding why Mary Kate McDevitt is an accomplished illustrator and letterer. Her portfolio – ranging from editorial illustrations, advertising headlines, book covers, posters and more – is filled with gorgeously-detailed hand-lettering and illustration, stunning color palettes and a keen sense of design. A graduate of Tyler School of Art, Mary Kate started building her freelance career in Portland and New York before returning to Philadelphia, where she works with clients like Chronicle Books, Sesame Street, Nike, Nintendo, O Magazine and Target. She has also given her insights into her craft in both her book, The Hand Lettering Ledger, as well as her Skillshare class. Mary Kate joins the show for a conversation on public speaking, hustle and corn smut. Plus, Ryan talks about the planning of Hi-Res LIVE, coming December 8 to Impart Creative in Old City, Philadelphia. Follow Mary Kate on Instagram, Twitter and visit her website. This episode is sponsored by Old City Coffee and PHLDesign.co.

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Tuesday, October 11 : : : Episode 41Kimberly Glyder

Kimberly Glyder is a designer who makes it easy to judge a book by its cover.

An avid reader as a child with a deep appreciation of classical art in high school, Kimberly was inspired by poster design while attending RISD and was determined to make a career of designing book covers. With that focus she has become a prolific designer across many genres, designing covers for modern fiction by authors like Emma Donoghue, Jade Chang and Kevin Wilson as well as classic collections by C.S. Lewis and Mark Twain. Kimberly joins the show to walk us through her process as well as to talk parenting, her favorite reads and sharing covers that might have been through social media. Follow Kimberly on Twitter and Instagram and visit her website. This episode is sponsored by Old City Coffee and PHLDesign.co.


Episode 40Mario Zucca

Mario is a talented illustrator that puts Philadelphia on the map, with an epic illustration that fuses his level of meticulous detail with style and touches of humor, creating an Easter-egg filled tableau. His map illustrations has now begun to influence the editorial pieces he creates. Visit his website, follow Mario on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Behance.

AIGA Philadelphia 35th Anniversary

Episode 39Alex Zahradnik

On a special bonus episode of the show Ryan sits down with Alex Zahradnik, Design for Good and Legacy Co-Chair of AIGA Philadelphia to talk about the AIGA Philadelphia 35th Anniversary. They discuss AIGA Philadelphia’s rich history as well as Alex’s own passion of activism. Visit Alex's website and check out the Design Activist Institute.

Lost Type

Episode 38Riley Cran

At the beginning of September Riley Cran and members of Lost Type Co-Op came to town on one of their semi-annual field trips. Organized by Dan Gneiding, the field trips are "one part team bonding, one part sourcing inspiration." Riley and the guys sit down to chat about the events going on throughout the week as well as how Lost Type has evolved since it's inception.